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New Membership Fee Rules

In light of our on going efforts to find a new space, a new decision has been made by the group to introduce new membership fees:

The rules for membership fees are as follows:

  1. We’d like to say that you can pay what you like on a monthly basis, however in order to reach our aim we’ve introduced standard rates.
  2. Members found to be paying less than they are taking from the Hackspace will be asked to up their contributions.

For example: If you are found to be using more space than just your storage box, then you will be asked to contribute more.

£25 is the new recommended standard rate, as a regular member you will be expected to pay this as a minimum.

£15 is the “starving hacker rate”, these will be people who may not be able to afford the standard rate at that time and will receive all the normal benefits.

Space is at a premium, so you will be expected to pay more if your project takes up more space. The same goes for water, electric and Internet bandwidth.

If you have any questions about this, please use our online discussion group or speak to us in person at the next open meeting.