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Annual General Meeting 2020 Updates

 Sep 19, 2020 | Comments

Hi all,

Following our Annual General Meeting for 2020 we have some updates.

Thanks to everyone who attended, we truly couldn’t have done it without you. You keep this going.

The Annual General Meetings were minuted and are available to any interested party on demand.

Highlights were:

  • Potteries Hackspace Activities for 2020 presentation
  • Although we are currently operating at a loss, an injection of cash should allow us to explore exciting new options
  • The organisation will continue to be chaired by James, with Paul as Treasurer, with support from Pete and Jib as officers (time permitting)
  • We have agreed to change our Open Nights to Wednesday
  • Due to coronavirus, we’ve not been attending our Open Nights. We’re going to relaunch them monthly, on the first Wednesday of every month
  • We’re also going to look at doing more online video call chat sessions, as a way to infill during lockdown
  • We’re going to explore how we can work with other groups on community projects

That’s all for now.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch on the mailing list.

Annual General Meeting 2020

 Sep 11, 2020 | Comments

Hi all,

Just a quick message to let you know that our Annual General Meeting is next week.

We’re calling a general meeting.

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 Sep 15, 2019 | Comments

Richard Smedley owned the potterieshackspace.org domain since around 2010, when the first meet up occurred.

Since then, Richard has had little direct involvement in the group, but always kept the domain registered and allowed us the exclusive use of it.

Unfortunately, in August we became aware that the domain name had been hijacked, and was unrecoverable.

So behold, we have a new domain: potterieshackspace.org.uk, kindly supplied by Phurix Web Hosting.


The Soapbox Cart Build

 Dec 30, 2017 | Comments

Back in June we took part in the “Stoke-on-Trent Soapbox Derby”.

Here’s a montage of the build:

Here’s the outline plan of the project:

Hope you enjoyed watching it as much as we enjoyed building it.

Have a great 2018!

Annual General Meeting 2017

 Aug 1, 2017 | Comments

Hi all,

Just a quick message to let you know that our Annual General Meeting is upon us.

Sorry it’s later than normal but we’ve been a bit busier than normal this year so the AGM ended up being delayed.

This will not be like our regular open night, there will be no hacking, instead, we’ll be having Pizza and drinks.

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